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August 22nd, 2017
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Los Angeles – Today, the CA State Assembly voted to pass Senate Bill 54, the California Values Act, often referred to as the Sanctuary State legislation.

In response, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of NDLON issued the following statement:

"Today’s vote constitutes a victory for millions of immigrant families who are fighting for equality.  The unprecedented scapegoating of immigrants in recent years has imperiled public safety, threatened civil rights, and divided our communities.  However, today California again proved that local governments are not powerless when it comes to confronting the danger posed by the Trump Administration.   

“There is an emerging consensus in California that we need to get ICE completely out of our jails and out of our communities, and SB 54 constitutes significant incremental progress toward that goal.  Many of the provisions included in the original version of the bill will one day become law, but in the meantime, the compromise reached between Senator de León and Governor Brown reflects much-needed progress.    

"We are grateful to Senator de León for his leadership, and we urge Governor Brown to sign the bill without delay."

Background: The fight for SB54, the CA Values Act – also known as the Sanctuary State legislation– has been a symbol to the resistance against President Trump’s racist deportation machine that has criminalized, scapegoated and indiscriminately targeted the immigrant population.

For nearly a year, advocates and political leaders have drawn from the immense courage of immigrants, their testimonies and personal experiences in order to build the necessary strength to stand up to President Trump and Attorney General Sessions’ continued assault on the rights and lives of immigrants.

SB54 is a step forward in achieving what advocates have been calling for years to push Immigrations & Customs Enforcement completely out of local communities. Immigrant rights advocates and community leaders see this as a victory in the fight against unjust policies and racist scapegoating against immigrants.">ROMULO AVELICA LEADS CARAVAN TO SACRAMENTO TO FIGHT FOR SANCTUARY STATE BILL">NDLON RESPONDS TO NEW ENDORSEMENTS OF CA VALUES ACT">BREAKING: #SB54 #CAVALUESACT (SEN DE LEÓN) CLEARS ASSEMBLY JUDICIARY COMMITTEE">NDLON REACTION: VICTORY IN THE BATTLE BETWEEN FEAR & COURAGE AS CA SENATE ADVANCES VALUES ACT">DAY LABORER NETWORK ISSUES STATEMENT ON CA VALUES ACT

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